Types of Glass For Storefront Windows

Different Types of Glass to Use For Storefront Windows

Glass is a material that is usually used by business owners in order to improve the aesthetics of their storefront. Having high-quality glass installed on a storefront window can help to enhance the first impression a business is able to make on a prospective customer. In order to achieve the best look, you will need to do your due diligence to choose the right commercial glass type.

Are you aware of the different class types you can choose from? This article will discuss some of the different types of commercial glass that are available on the market which can be used on commercial and retail storefront windows.

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Commercial Glass Types That You Can Choose for Your Storefront Window

Clear Glass

Clear glass is always a good choice if you are looking to grab the attention of onlookers and other foot-traffic. By using clear glass, it allows you as a store to display any products that you sell to prospective customers. It can create a very visually appealing and enticing environment as a direct result. For instance, if you are a brick and mortar front or even an ice-cream retailer, you can leverage clear glass storefront windows to showcase your most popular products and make them clearly visible to prospective customers.

Frost and/or Tinted Glass

Are you looking to give your store and customers in it more privacy? If so, you will want to opt for frosted and/or tinted glass for your storefront. This is a good option because it can allow for natural light to penetrate and light up your store, but also give any customers that are inside it the privacy they might seek. This is a good option for something like a dental office or even a spa. With this type of glass, you can experiment with all kinds of custom designs or etching to give your place an even more premium and unique appeal.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a good way to make your storefront glass safer. Tempered glass is designed to not break as easily as other types of glass. Tempered glass is strengthened through a thermal tempering process which makes it less susceptible to breakage compared to other kinds of glass. This makes it capable of withstanding heavy winds and even minor explosions. Because it is completely transparent, it is a great option for a retail storefront, display cases, and even doors. When it is crushed, tempered glass pieces have rounded corners which can minimize the chances that anyone on and/or around your property gets hurt if the glass does indeed break.

Security Glass

This is perhaps one of the most robust forms of glass and it can provide added protection. This is a good option as it can protect your employees and customers from the impact of bullets, blasts, and burglaries. You can install windows, walls, and doors with this material. There are all kinds of different security glass available on the market and each offers its own level of protection that you are seeking for your storefront.

Laminated Glass

This type of glass is a good option as it has successfully been used to minimize the impact of random acts of vandalism. It can be used on various things including storefront windows, windows, and even curtain walls in order to protect buildings from storm impact. It can also have the side benefit of protecting everything inside your store from getting damaged due to UV light penetration. Because of this, it can protect the floor, carpets, and even your inventory from getting faded or otherwise damaged from the sun rays. Laminated glass also has the benefit of providing sound insulation on windows, doors, and walls because it provides added thickness.

Insulated Glass

If you have a storefront that is located in a place that gets relatively cold, you might want to use insulated glass as it can minimize the heat loss you suffer from and reduce your heating bills as a direct result.

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Coated and Tinted Glass

This is a good option to consider if you are looking to retain cold air in your store. This can minimize air conditioning bills in the warmer months. Likewise, it can improve heat retention in the colder months which can have a positive impact on your energy bills.

Flat Glass

This is a great option to consider for doors, walls, and store windows. Those in the Toronto area and various other parts of Canada can actually use flat glass in rolled, sheet, or gloat forms for their respective storefronts. If you are someone interested in double-glazed windows, you can use flat glass, although it’s less safe if it breaks as it can have very sharp edges.

Wired Glass

This type of glass uses a thin metal wire inside of the glass and it offers benefits of being both heat and fire-resistant. You can find this type of glass that is usually meant for areas that require even greater fire safety elements including fire escape doors.


This type of glass can offer enhanced safety in your store. Not only is it good for storefronts, but it is also ideal for skylights, window panels, displays, signs, security barriers, and even aquariums. This glass features a protective UV coating and color tints which can maximize its functionality and improve its appearance. Along with this, you will find this type of glass rarely cracks/breaks.

Spandrel Glass

This glass is excellent if you are looking to decorate your storefront. You can even use it to reduce the visibility of any part of your commercial building. You can find it in a range of unique colours, and it can be effectively used for larger scaled projects including but not limited to HVAC systems, floors, plumbing, and more.

Soda Lime Glass

This glass has no color and it is used by a lot of retail owners for their storefront windows. This glass is made from calcium and sodium which allows for a lot of light penetration. It is both durable and resistant to chemicals.

In addition to keeping your window glass clean, using the right type of glass on your storefront windows can also improve the overall aesthetics of your business. In order to choose the right type, you should consider both your needs and wants. The advice above should guide you in the right direction to figure out which type of glass is going to work the best for your storefront. Any reputable glass provider will help assist you in finding the right custom glass-type you should be looking to use for your storefront.

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