Professional property restoration services and management.

Roofing, Flashing, Concrete Repair, Glazing, Balcony Repairs and Glass replacement

Managing a condominium or any commercial building, can be a challenge. Finding various trades to do specific work can be tedious. We've maintained consistent relationships with in house trade professionals, as well as our reliable sub-contractor base and can meet any challenge.

Not only that, but scaling and building on top of an existing contract with us has its financial advantages as well.

We've got the manpower, resources and backing to scale and mobilize any size project you might be looking at.


A range of specialized services.

Maybe your managing a high-rise condo, a commercial construction site or even an industrial site with complex requirements.

We service everything from industrial plants, large factories, commercial warehouses, manufacturing sites, restaurants, transport hubs and a lot more.

Her are just a few of the area's we get involved with:

  • Flat roof replacement.
  • Commercial and Construction Duct Cleaning
  • De-greasing and pressure washing
  • Interior roof, wall, and ceiling cleaning
  • High-pressure cleaning
  • Glass Balcony Installation / Replacement
  • Window and Glass Replacement
  • Concrete Repair


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