Keeping Your Office and Work Force Safe During Flu Season

How Can You Avoid Getting Sick?

As flu season approaches many prudent office managers will begin seeking out ways to keep their office employees safe from infection.  After discussing some preventative measures with your cleaning company, you may be wondering what else you can do, other than assign everyone in the office a full hazmat suit.

If you are looking for the single most important way to keep the flu and disease from ravaging your office this year, experts suggest that maintaining superior hand hygiene is among the most important benefits to keeping bugs at bay. In addition we’ve listed below some other measures you may want to adopt.

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Prevention Tips – How Can You Avoid Getting Sick?

Try these health practices to avoid having your office be a center for contagion this flu season:

# 1 Keep Your Physical Distance & Stay at Home

It can be a tendency for today’s time-pressed professionals to ignore the advice of health officials and try to “tough it out”, arriving sick in an office rather than staying at home. But this is a poor idea in the long run. Make sure you take time off rather than heading into the office and making everyone sick.

# 2 Wash your hands

Constantly, more harmful pathogens are transmitted from contact with the hands than from particles sneezed into the air. This means that to contract a disease all that you need to do is touch an infected hand to your mouth or face and you will probably get very sick soon.

So always keep your hands away from the face and especially after shaking hands with someone you are not 100% sure has clean hands.

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# 3 Get Your Commercial Cleaning Services Provider Involved

If you have a medium to extra-large office and extensive employees in your workforce, see what your commercial cleaning services can do about providing extra attention to the light switches and doorknobs and everything else that is touched frequently. Alternatively, you can suggest that everyone use a paper barrier when possible to avoid transmitting infection.

Another good way to avoid infections is to have hand sanitizers strategically located at various locations in the office.

# 4 Take Vitamin C and Stay Hydrated

Boost your internal defenses by increasing your intake of Vitamin C and boosting the immune system. We recommend the One-A-Day 1000mg Vitamin C as a great way to stave off infections before they have a chance to get comfy. Also, drinking plenty of water keeps the body’s defenses on point.

# 5 Don’t share

Cigarettes, cups, candy bars and other items that can pass the condition from one person to another should not be shared. Furthermore, find a way to ensure that communal finger food can be enjoyed without contamination and contagion.

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