Signs That Your Balcony is Ready for a Repair

Balconies & High-Rise Condos …

It is important to ensure that a balcony is always in good condition. Balconies, especially those that are in high rise condos are a great sale point for the condos because of their numerous uses. If you have a balcony you can use it to relax and watch the sunrise, plant some flowers or small plants or even host a tea party or a barbecue. A balcony needs to be maintained in the perfect condition so that it can be safe and also look appealing to any person that wants to buy or rent the condo.

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Here are the signs to look to determine if the balcony is in need of repair…

Cement Cracks

Do not ignore any cracks that you spot on the cement no matter how small they may seem. They are a sign that something is wrong. Cracks are caused by water that seeps in through the cement pores then freezes during the cold season. The freezing causes the water to expand therefore leading to cracks in the cement. You especially need to look out for diagonal cracks because these are often an indication of structural damage.


This term is used to refer to cement that is flaking or chipping away at the edges. This is caused by water inside the cement. Without proper repair, the cement continues chipping. The integrity of the balcony will be affected if the situation is not resolved.

Rusting Steel

If the balcony has steel reinforcements in the foundations, they may rust due to exposure to water and air. If left alone, the concrete will likely start to crack and this poses a threat to safety.

Loose Glass

Damaged framing results in loose glass. It can also be due to corroded framing as well. You need to check the glass for cracks or chips every once in a while.

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How To make Lasting Repairs

Once you notice the above signs, you will need to contact a concrete repair contractor. Choose a company that has plenty of experience in apartment and condominiums repair. It is advisable to look for a company that has experience in replacement resurfacing, replacement and repairs of glass balconies and waterproofing of surfaces. This will ensure no water damage happens to the foundation.

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