Are Clean Windows Really That Important?

Many people will tell you that cleaning your windows regularly not only makes your property look great but also helps save your budget. It is hard to deny the fact that excellently cleaned windows are pleasant to look at. If you entrust this chore to professionals, you will be guaranteeing yourself windows that are sparkling clean.

high rise window - Are Clean Windows Really That Important?

The process of cleaning windows becomes more dangerous the higher your buildings are. Cleaning windows involves a lot of climbing, scrubbing, and stable ladders are needed for the job. Professional cleaners such as those at Excel Projects are sufficiently equipped with all the cleaning detergents and tools for the best results.

Why Is It Important to Clean Windows?

One of the most budget-friendly and easiest ways to become worthy of a magazine cover window is contracting a professional window cleaning service with vast experience in the business.

Clean windows should always be a top priority for your place of business.

Clean Windows Give a Clear View

Getting a good view in a room is one of the best ways to lift the mood. In our busy daily lives, it is easy to forget about the luxury of simply staring out the window without reason. A clean window gives a great view in any weather.

Clean Windows Help Protect the Glass from Damage

Window panes suffer the harsh influence of weather throughout the year, which is why they tend to get dirty very fast if they are not cleaned frequently. Things such as ice, snow, insects, and dust particles can become stuck on the window panes and frames and destroy its surface as time goes on.

It is common knowledge that rain sometimes contains acid. Just hard water by itself leads to stains appearing on windows. Keep in mind that windows can also be affected by mould, which is why you should ensure that you regularly clean your windows using the right cleaning products.

If the acid as well as the oxidation (which usually happens with metal window screens and frames) and the minerals coming from hard water stay on the surface of the windows too long they become too hard to be removed afterwards and sometimes even impossible in the worst-case scenario. Over time, the stains may become too stubborn to be removed completely.

clean windows in a lobby - Are Clean Windows Really That Important?

Besides the rest of the common enemies to window integrity, there’s also the risk of windows being sprayed accidentally with paint or different construction materials such as mortar, chalk, glue, etc.

It is a fact that glass has a porous structure. Microorganisms and microscopic dirt particles get trapped in the pores of the glass of the windows thus compromising their strength over time.

The collection of dirt and grime also increases the fragility of window glass as time goes on and it loses its transparency. If you allow your windows to stay dirty for an extended period of time, the risk of them shattering increases because their structure weakens as dirt accumulates. Cleaning windows regularly can extend the life of the current windows.

Clean Windows Increases the Attractiveness of Your Property

If you plan to sell your building, window cleaning is an excellent way to keep your building looking attractive. If you have perfectly cleaned windows that don’t have any smudges, then your chances of impressing potential buyers or even getting a better price for the property will be higher.

Real estate brokers say that properties for sale with obviously cleaned windows tend to get the most interest among buyers. If a buyer is looking at your property, they usually picture themselves being there themselves.

If your business or building has shining windows, it helps contribute to the overall professional business image thus increasing your company’s revenues. Windows of a building are just like a person’s hair and face. They are one of the things that we first recognize when we meet a person. If the person in front of us is dirty and unkempt it makes a bad impression. The same also applies to commercial buildings.

windows in a commercial building - Are Clean Windows Really That Important?

You might have invested a lot in the modern-looking windows with an amazing design, but if you fail to clean them the right way, they will make a negative and perhaps long-lasting impression. Dirty windows can be viewed as a lack of professionalism and may smear the name of your company.

A store with clean windows gives property buyers or its customers a sense of reliability and trustworthiness. If you own a storefront or other commercial building that looks clean, people think of you as a person that pays attention to detail, thinks about customers, and wishes to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

Clean Windows are Important for Health

People often underestimate the power of light from the sun on health particularly during winter when it is not in plenty. It is a well-known fact that sun light is healthy and when you spend a lot of time inside a building, properly cleaned windows let you get your daily dose of sun rays. The sun makes us not only healthier but also satisfied, positive, and happy.

For all of your commercial window cleaning needs, contact Excel Projects, Toronto’s leading Building Maintenance & High-Rise Window Cleaning Company.