What You Should Know About Glass Degradation

What You Should Know About Glass Degradation

Many Toronto residents have developed an unrealistic understanding of the nature of glass. Most people mistakenly assume that glass is in that “set it and forget it” category of maintenance tasks. But, despite its impressive hardness and strength, glass is actually nothing more than an almost frozen liquid. This means it is quite possible that exterior elements can be absorbed into its surface.

Over time, it is the nature of glass to slowly corrode and for this reason it requires special care and maintenance to ensure it remains bright and clear. Many home and property owners are not fully aware of this fact and seem to think that glass is impervious to the attrition of the elements. But, because it is a solid liquid, as opposed to a truly frozen solid, glass can absorb particles that come in contact with this surface.

This information would be very important to someone with any amount of windows in their stewardship. If you feel your information on glass may be a bit behind the times, here is some important data on the phenomena called glass degradation.

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What Is Glass Degradation?

Glass degradation is a condition that occurs when the surface of glass is exposed to particles over a long period of time. These particles on the surface of the glass can begin to invade the glass itself and become part of the glass on a molecular level.  Glass is not a true solid, which means it is partially liquid – think of an ultra-slow-moving glacier.

This means that a particle that has remained for a long time on the surface of the glass will actually be absorbed into the material of the glass on a molecular level. This sub-solid state allows for particle contamination.

How Is It Caused?

Understanding that the surface of glass has this absorbent capacity, we must also see that some particles will be more readily absorbed into the glass. The particles that have the greatest capacity to be absorbed into the glass are those found in hard water and heavy minerals. This can include the spray and splash from a sprinkler system, building runoff and even precipitation. Depending on how the mineral particles interact with the surface of the glass, they can create small perforations, and these will begin to appear as blemishes across the crystalline surface. Those windows with metallic frames and elements will have to be especially careful for the degradation caused by rust. Mold and moisture build ups can also cause degradation and all of these things are problems experienced throughout Toronto properties that are not regularly cleaning and preserving their windows.

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What Are the Consequences of Degradation?

There are many reasons that a window may slowly succumb to degradation. But, if the window should become degraded fully, it may need restorative treatment to make it clear and transparent again. But, this may not be an option as advanced glass degradation can be impossible to restore. In such a case, the glass will need to be replaced.

Either restoring your degraded glass or replacing the entire glass plane can be very expensive and it would be cheaper to just have your glass cleaned regularly by a professional cleaning company. You could also handle the task yourself if it is within your capacity. It is important to remember that the problem does get worse the longer it is left unaddressed.

But, windows that are not well-maintained or properly cared for are at risk for a long list of issues. Windows that are left too long will often result in a considerable amount of degradation and the only possible solution will be a full-glass restoration. Of course, this is not always a possibility and in the worst case scenario, you will have to replace the entire pane of glass. Either one of these possibilities is going to cost a lot more than paying for a cleaning service every so often. Glass that is especially exposed or in a high traffic area may also see more particulate matter and this can increase the risks of degradation.

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What Can Be Done About It?

Glass degradation is a greater problem for windows that are neglected for longer periods of time. But, after some point, it will no longer be possible to simply clean the window, it will have to be restored professionally. This may only require a minimum investment of time and cash and then proper maintenance will ensure that this is not a problem again. Because glass degradation comes from small particles that become absorbed into the surface of the glass, the best way to avoid this is by regularly cleaning the surface of the glass.

Regular glass cleaning not only works to keep your windows beautiful and clear, but also works to protect your glass for years to come. 

If you have waited too long to have your window cleaned, you may already be facing the problems of glass that looks too far gone. Of course, the first thing you should do is call in the cleaners. Professional window cleaners have the skills and cleaning agents to apply a proper cleaning and may be able to perform magic on your windows. If the glass degradation has gotten bad, you may be able have the glass restored and this will sometimes cost more and is not always possible if the degradation has gotten too far.

Never forget that the most effective way of ensuring that your glass will not fall to degradation is by keeping your glass clean and clear.

Worried about how much it would cost to replace all those degrading windows? Get ahead of the problem by applying superior glass cleaning solutions. Excel Projects has the team of glass cleaning professionals to restore your glass to perfection before restoration work is needed. If you are concerned that your glass panes may be exposed to the risks mentioned, don’t delay. Contact the professionals at Excel Projects to properly clean the glass and avoid the need for costly replacements.

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