Health Benefits of Regular Commercial Window Cleaning at the Office

Lend Improvements to the Health of Everyone in Your Office

When people talk about window cleaning, they tend to focus on the aesthetics or even the improvements it offers to energy efficiency. However, what’s less commonly discussed is how window cleaning can lend improvements to the health of everyone in your office.

By getting your windows professionally cleaned at least once every six months, you will be doing a great service to your entire staff. Professional window cleaning will yield much better results and the duration they are kept clean will be significantly longer.

Below, we will discuss some of the health benefits you can expect from commercial window cleaning.

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Fight Allergies

One of the biggest issues people face in the spring and summer months is allergy symptoms. Windows can collect a lot of allergens that can spread throughout the office. Not only does pollen and dust accumulate on the glass and frames, but it can make its way into the building and cause issues with your air quality.

A failure to clean your windows enough can end up leading those that have allergies to suffer from allergy-related symptoms including headaches, issues with nasal drainage, and itchy eyes.

By keeping your windows clean year-round, you should be able to significantly reduce the risk of allergy symptoms.

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Enjoy Sunshine

Your windows offer an excellent entry point for those inside to enjoy the sunshine. This can be a great way to boost morale and to provide people with energy. However, when the windows are unclean, the sun rays cannot penetrate adequately.

Those that don’t get enough sunshine on a daily basis are much more likely to suffer from depleted energy levels and it can even lead to depression.

Thus, by keeping windows clean through professional cleaning, you can ensure that each and every single one of your office members is able to get adequate sun exposure on a daily basis. Likewise, you will be able to take advantage of the energy efficiency it can offer by leveraging the heat you get from the penetrating sun.

Remove Mold

Unfortunately, mold growth is a serious issue that a lot of buildings suffer from. The release of mold spores is something that can cause respiratory issues and allergy symptoms. Having improperly installed windows can result in mold growth because they will allow moisture to set in. By keeping your office windows clean, you will be able to minimize mold growth.

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Prevent Accidents

A lot of offices deal with slips and falls. This typically occurs when inexperienced people use ladders. Even something as simple as a step stool can turn into a workplace accident. By getting professional window cleaners to come in you will be able to keep your entire office safe from any potential accidents.

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