Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Make Window Cleaning an Essential Task

The windows in any retail store play a key role in attracting customers to your merchandising displays. A clean and polished window paints your business in the best light. A dirty and grimy window, in contrast, makes your retail store look far less enticing for your customers.

You should therefore make retail window cleaning an essential task to project a positive image of your business. It can be done as part of regular maintenance, perhaps as frequently as once weekly. The objective is to make sure that your store windows are always clean and spotless before the arrival of your customers.

Hiring professional cleaners is the best option for cleaning your retail windows. Still, you can learn a few cleaning tips and tricks to help you perform this task diligently.

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Clean Your Widows in Cool and Dry Weather

The ideal time to clean your retail windows is during cool and dry weather. If the temperatures are too high, the cleaning chemicals will likely dry on the hot windows before you’ve had the chance to wipe them off. This leaves some stubborn streaks on the store windows. If you have to clean on a sunny day, start with areas of your store with shade.

You should ideally have the windows cleaned either after dark or in the wee hours of the morning. Not only are the temperatures generally cooler during these periods but such a cleaning schedule is highly unlikely to interfere with retail business hours.

Create a Window Cleaning Roster for Employees

If you don’t plan to outsource the window cleaning to a professional cleaning service, it can be a good idea to create an employee roster for this task specifically. The roster indicates which employees should clean the windows and when they are actually scheduled to perform this task.

In every shift, there should be at least one person that’s not only trained but also ready to clean the windows, particularly when business is slow. Maintain a chart that should be filled out whenever a task has been completed.

It can also be a good idea to ensure that employees are trained on the best window cleaning techniques. Since most employees are likely not window cleaning experts, they are likely to do a less than satisfactory job unless provided with proper guidance.

Get Rid of the Dirt and Dust on Your Windows

You should get a vacuum cleaner or brush to sweep the dust and dirt off the window frames before you commence the retail window cleaning. If you immediately start to clean a dusty and dirty window, you will likely end up with a muddy mess that will further complicate the cleaning.

If the window screen is grimy, use soapy water and a soft brush to wash off the grime. If there are shades and blinds attached to your window, clean both sides of the window using a microfiber duster. You should also open the slats and gently wipe them using a damp cloth.

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Use the Right Window Cleaner

If you have particularly filthy windows, don’t hold back on the spray. Generously apply the cleaner to allow the chemicals to suspend and dissolve dirt. If you skimp on the cleaning solution, you’re likely to end up with unsightly streaks on the windows.

Using the recommended cleaning solutions is very important. The best cleaners will apply a fine mist that will remain on the window screen until when wiped off. This will result in minimal drip during the process of cleaning your windows.

Use a Microfiber Cloth to Clean the Windows

Microfiber cloths are the best when it comes to cleaning windows because the materials are highly absorbent, washable, and don’t leave streaks. Some microfiber cloths have a handy honeycomb texture that arrests dirt, smudges, and water spots from glass without leaving scratches.

If you prefer to use paper towels instead, ensure that you only use a trusted and reputable brand. Poor quality paper towels shred easily and may leave behind lint. The best paper towels should be capable of holding up even when wet.

Don’t Use the Squeegee

Squeegees have been used for decades to clean windows, but they should be avoided unless you’re a professional cleaner. Squeegees are handy for cleaning larger windows, but can be tricky to manage when cleaning smaller panes. If you don’t know how to effectively use a squeegee, the drips will usually end up on the floor thus creating more of a mess in your store.

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Wipe Away Any Cleaning Streaks

It does not matter how meticulous a window cleaner is. There will always be a stray cleaning streak here and there. To eliminate stray streaks, use a dry microfiber cloth to polish the window. You only need to wipe the streaks you spot and not the entire glass again.

Clean the Windows Vertically & Horizontally

It may be challenging to identify cleaning streaks since they could occur on either the outer or inner side of the window. To differentiate this, wipe one side of the window horizontally and the other vertically. With this simple trick, you can easily identify which side of the window has cleaning streaks.

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