Tips For Cleaning Windows Without Streaks or Scratches

Avoid Scratching or Streaking

The clear and spotless presentation you get in your newly installed windows is something to want to maintain over the years. Clean windows allow more light indoors and help connect with nature but using the wrong cleaning products and methods leaves streaks and scratches that can result in the opposite effect. We’ll go over how to wash your windows and ensure you avoid scratching or streaking them.

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The Window Washing Equipment Needed

Never assume that the high-quality cleaning products professionals use are hard to come by; you can get them at your local stores, hardware shops, or online. your list of equipment must include the following:

A 10 inch or 12-inch squeegee

A scrubber or sponge

Liquid dish soap

Lint-free rags or towels

A water bucket (holding roughly 5 gallons)

A ladder and stabilizer to ensure your safety

When cleaning, always check the squeegee to ensure it has a fresh and sharp rubber blade. Hence, it is best to purchase one with replaceable rubber blades and have at least three of four replacements. Nevertheless, you also can reverse the nicked or cut blades to get more out of them before installing the replacements. Moreover, be careful when storing the squeegee to make sure nothing is in contact with the blade and wipe it dry before storage.

Cleaning The Inside of Windows

Take your bucket, pour a few drops of the liquid dish soap, and add cold water. Dust the window before you start washing. Place a large towel beneath the window to collect any spillage. Use a sponge or microfiber cloth to wipe the window surface, starting from the top and working downwards. Then you can run your squeegee on the surface. If you do not have a commercial window cleaning product, you can also consider using a vinegar and water solution to spray the window and wipe it down.

Mix a capful of vinegar with two gallons of water. Wipe the window dry using a clean microfiber or lint-free towel using a z-shaped motion. Paper towels can also suffice. Respray the vinegar/water solution if you notice any streaks. Experts recommend cleaning your windows on a cold and cloudy day because you will not worry about the cleaning solution drying on the window surfaces before you are done.

Cleaning Windows from The Outside

The outside surface of your windows is more prone to getting dirty and stains; thus, you might clean the outer surface more frequently than the inside. For this job, you will need a bucket of clean water. Add a few drops of the liquid dish soap and lather up the water. Hose down the window before you start cleaning using the soapy water. Soak a sponge or microfiber in the bucket and run it over the window surface. You can wrap the cloth on a pole to help you reach the upper parts. Hose down the windows with clean water, or use your squeegee before spraying the window with the vinegar and water solution.

Run the squeegee over the surface to ensure it is dry. You can do this twice or three times, wiping the squeegee’s rubber blade with a dry, clean cloth after each run. You can use a lint-free cloth or paper towels. Spray the vinegar and water mix on any stubborn stains, like bird droppings; let it sit for a few minutes before rubbing and rinsing. Avoid scrubbing too hard on the windows or using coarse fabrics that can starch and damage the glass.

 Give the same love and care to the window screens. You can start with dusting them, then hosing them down with clean water, and then spray them with the vinegar and water mix before hosing them again. Allow the screes to dry before putting them back on the windows.

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Cleaning The Window Tracks

Ensure the windows are wide open when you want to clean the tracks. You can do the job with the window screens in, but we recommend removing them to ensure they don’t become an inconvenience. Vacuum the tracks to loosen and remove dirt and debris like dead insects. If you do not have the smaller hand-held unit, you can attach a narrow nozzle to your regular vacuum.

You then will sprinkle some baking soda before spraying a mix of white vinegar and water (it should be a solution comprised of equal parts of the vinegar and water).  Make sure you have an even soak from the reaction of the baking soda and vinegar-water mix. It is best to leave it to fizz or froth for roughly five to ten minutes. Pay keen attention to the sides of the vertical window tracks. You then can scrub the tracks using an old toothbrush, starting from the top and working your way to the bottom.

To clean the bottom tracks, decide to work either from right to left or vice versa, and remember to scrub the corners and grooves. Push down some paper towels towards the upper sections of the vertical window tracks. Then spray some clean water to wash off the filth and then inspect them to ensure you have removed all the dirt, debris, and grime; if not, repeat the cleaning process.

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