Points to Consider – Hiring a High-Rise Window Cleaning Company

How to Select A High-Rise Window Cleaning Company

For the majority of Skyscrapers, being clean is absolutely essential.  For residents, having a clear view of the skyline can help them feel better about the unit they live in.  That is why you need to have the best cleaning company to do the work.  If you are searching for a high-quality cleaning company that will keep your building in sparkling clean condition, make sure to only choose a company that has the following characteristics.  It does require some knowledge to find the Toronto’s best high-rise window cleaning company.  The following tips will help make sure that you receive quality work at a reasonable price.

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Insurance, WSIB & PERMIT

Workers need to be insured. That covers you, the customer, and the cleaning company, from any potential financial burdens that may occur from even a simple accident.  If the company is not insured, you could end up getting sued for damages for things that weren’t your fault.  Rather than leave yourself open to these types of circumstances, only hire a cleaning company that has enough respect for their employees and customers by having insurance.  WSIB is there to protect the worker from the financial burdens that occur from lost wages due to injuries.  Business have to make sure that they pay for the proper ‘high-rise classification’ (window washing insurance) in-case of serious injury or death, and responsible Property Mangers are at the front line in verifying that classification is enforced.  And to protect you, the property manager and condo owner, the government of Ontario requires a ‘work permit’ to be issued for all high-rise window cleaning projects.

TRAINING Certifications

Any company’s top concern should always be safety, but that is especially true when it comes to high-rise window cleaning companies.  High-rise window cleaning is naturally very dangerous as the windows are often located in the most awkward and high-access areas. The best cleaning companies will provide some type of window cleaning course and hold in-house training for all employees for any work that requires heights.  This means that all employees are provided with the proper safety skills needed in order to safely complete their work.  Companies that do not enforce the requirements of this certification can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits, and someone could end up being seriously injured while working on your premises.  These high rise cleaning courses are not limited to…

  • Worker Health & Safety Awareness
  • GHS within WHMIS
  • Working at Heights
  • Suspended Access Equipment Operator
  • Aerial Lift Operator
  • First Aid
  • Supervisor Awareness
  • Boatswain Chair
  • Rope Access Technician
  • Rescue Technician
  • Joint Health and Safety Representative


People often wonder about how to clean skyscraper windows. Although it might seem simple, it is better to leave window cleaning to experts.  You should always hire an experienced building maintenance and/or cleaning company. This way, your building is working with individuals who are experienced professionals.


The leading high-rise cleaning companies always work with their clients directly to get cleaning schedules and plans created that meet their customers’ needs and expectations.  If a prospective company isn’t flexible about their services, including having restrictions on when and how often you can get your windows cleaned, then find another service that can meet your needs.

Quality Work

A high-rise cleaning company should be able to provide consistent and quality work that really shines. Ask people that you trust for recommendations on quality companies.  You can also read reviews online.  Choose a company with consistently good reviews.  Everyone is bound to have a couple of negative reviews, so just make sure to be discerning when it comes to which random comments you believe to get an overall impression of how a company goes about their business.  It is never a good idea to go with a cheaper company that does sub-standard work.  You want your company to have the best and you should expect it from the companies you hire to do work for you also.

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Get a quote

Since hiring a high-rise window cleaning company is a board of directors’ decision, it is always a good idea to get several quotes when you need to hire.  When you are getting quotes it provides you with the opportunity early on in the process to assess how thorough and professional their services are. If they are not thorough at this stage in the process, then they aren’t going to take the necessary time to thoroughly clean your windows.

After you choose a cleaning company, email or call them so that you can discuss your needs and make arrangements to get a quote or estimate.  An estimate will give you a good idea of what the price range on the job will be.  An estimate will need to be confirmed usually by the company coming out to your site.

You should always insist that the company come out for an onsite visit in order to confirm their quote.  It gives you the chance to meet with the company’s representative face-to-face and talk about your requirements.  At this point, the representative should have the ability to provide you with an accurate quote, which can be submitted via email or verbally.

If you would like a quotation from Excel Projects, you may request a quote here

Avoid hiring a ‘cheap’ cleaning company

The proposed price isn’t the only thing you should consider.  What really matters is what you actually get for the quoted price. Cheap window cleaners naturally cut costs through reducing the quality of the work.  That might be in their overall effort, cleaning products, or skyscraper window cleaning equipment.  That runs the risk that your windows will be left dirty, spotty and streaked with soap residue and water.

The following are some of the specific ways that costs are cut by high-rise window cleaners:

  • Skip windows that take more effort to get clean
  • Use dirty water
  • Not cleaning window frames and sills
  • No detailing or scrubbing
  • Using ineffective and worn cleaning equipment and materials, along with cheap products


The best high-rise companies offer flexibility, quality work, and respect for their workers and you.  When you hire a company that possesses all of those characteristics, your building will be more presentable and cleaner for the residents.


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