What To Give Your Commercial Cleaner This Christmas

Clean up After The Office Christmas Party …

December is almost here, and everyone is already in a Christmas mood. It’s a happy time for most people, especially employees who put their best foot forward this year. Whether you are working in a large organization or a small one, everyone is bound to be in a festive spirit this year. Well, after an end-of-year party, there is a lot of cleaning that needs to be done.

That’s where your commercial office cleaners come in handy. However, you need to remember, that they also worked hard this year when it comes to keeping your offices clean. After your office Christmas party, they also have to work a little harder to clean the office. You need to show some appreciation for the work they do.

A great gift idea for commercial office cleaners would be accessories and cleaning equipment that allow them to do their jobs faster and easier. However, they may already have some preferences for their tools. However, if you are looking for unique and memorable gifts, here is an outstanding list of the best ideas.

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An Advance Notice of The Party

Are you planning a holiday party this year? Make sure your commercial cleaners are aware of where it will be. Let them know a week or two beforehand. This way, they can reshuffle their schedule as needed to meet your cleaning needs. Make sure they are aware of the level of cleaning needed after the party.

For instance, do you need them to remove and dispose of the party decorations? Do you need them to deep clean the office carpets or simply vacuum normally? Giving them all these details before the party allows them to plan their schedule and anticipate the total amount of work they need to do.

Avoid Glitter and Confetti

Yes, adding confetti and glitter to your party will make everything more festive. However, they are harder to clean. For instance, glitter may get into the most obscure nooks and crannies. Note that, even the most thorough commercial cleaners may miss a few pieces of glitter and it will stay in your office long after the Christmas season.

Glitter and confetti are non-biodegradable. Yes, they may make your party more sparkly, but you are eventually harming the planet. You need to do everyone a favor and avoid using glitter and confetti for your party accessories and decorations.

Clean As You Go Initiative

Your commercial office cleaners are there to handle the messes, spills, and trash after your end-of-year party. However, you need to remember that all your party guests are adults. Therefore, they need to learn how to clean up after themselves. After the party, ask everyone to clean as they go. For instance, they can stack dishes in the sink, throw trash in the bins and segregate different types of trash.

They also need to learn how to separate glass bottles and cardboard boxes in the recycling bins. Doing these simple things will make the cleaning job easier for your commercial cleaners.

Recommendation To Other Clients

Are you satisfied with the services you are receiving from your commercial cleaners? Well, an amazing gift you can give them is your seal of approval and trust. You can refer them to people you know who need the best cleaning services. It’s a good idea for small businesses or newly-launched ones.

If your commercial cleaner’s service is thriving, they can provide you with the best services. They will get more personnel and buy the best cleaning equipment. Therefore, you need to refer them to other potential clients since it takes no effort, and you will end up benefiting from it.

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A Nice Meal

Cleaning a standard office can be quite exhausting. It’s even more daunting if you add cleaning up after a party. If you want to make sure that your cleaners have enough strength as they clean, you need to make sure they have a hearty meal ready for them before or after the job.

They can relax and have some food before they begin cleaning or after they are done cleaning. Even better, you can give them gift cards to a nice restaurant where they can have a hearty meal. When giving people food as gifts, you need to be mindful of religious restrictions, practices, and allergies.

Security Of Your Office

Once you are done with the party, don’t forget to lock up everything before you leave. It’s a sure way to prevent theft and vandalism. Your cleaners may be shocked to deal with security issues in the morning. If you want to make sure that everything is done properly, you can assign someone to be the security czar before the party begins.

It’s as simple as choosing a designated driver for the night. Don’t forget to appreciate your office cleaners and let them know that you are grateful for what they do. It’s very fulfilling to find out that someone appreciates your work, regardless of what it is.

Final Thoughts

The best Christmas gift you can give your commercial cleaners is giving them an easy time at their jobs. Remember, they work hard every day to keep the office clean and tidy. You can make things easier for them and they will definitely appreciate it. Take these tips into consideration when looking for the best gifts for your commercial cleaners this holiday season.

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