Preparing Your Building for Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning & Your Space

If you own a business, your office or building will inevitably need to be cleaned at some point. While in-house cleaners might be enough for small businesses, they’re not cutting it for larger ones. That’s why many companies are turning to professional cleaning services that can handle all their building needs.

These professional cleaners will make sure your office is clean and well maintained. They can also make a considerable impression on your clients, increasing the perceived value of your building. While most of the job is performed by these cleaners, your responsibility is to take care of these three primary things:

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Prepping Your Building for Commercial Cleaning with These 3 Steps

Get Rid of Clutter

In the course of conducting their regular activities and serving customers, most businesses accumulate a lot of clutter. Getting rid of all the unnecessary things around the building is crucial when hiring outside help. These items often include old files, boxes of documents, and paperwork that is long out of date.

Remove clutter from all surfaces including counters, desks, and floors. This way, cleaning professionals won’t be overburdened by them and be able to clean your office building thoroughly. They can get to the surfaces efficiently, leaving these surfaces spotless and clean.

Clear Your Windows

Get rid of any chairs or other office furniture that may be blocking your windows. If you have curtains or other hanging decors, have them removed as part of the process too.

Like clearing your surfaces, making your windows clear and accessible makes it easier for cleaning companies like us here at Excel Projects, to give your windows a spotless, squeaky-clean look.

Inform All Employees

Give your employees a few days’ notice about when professional cleaners will be in the building. This is necessary so they can also take all their materials and belongings with them when they’re done for the day.

Additionally, letting them know beforehand allows them to fix their schedule and leave the building before the cleaners arrive.

Should you wish to learn more, or if you’re looking for professional commercial building cleaning services, contact us today at Excel Projects.

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