Five Surprisingly Interesting Things You’d Want to Know About High-Rise Window Cleaners

Keeping the Windows Clean and Sparkling …

How do tall buildings keep their windows maintained and cleaned at all times? While this might appear like a simple question for most, many people aren’t aware that they can hire a high-rise window cleaning service. These professional cleaners play a crucial role in helping large establishments in keeping the windows clean and sparkling. Their services often also include cleaning commercial spaces, commercial management consulting and/or commercial or condo restoration. Along with the job, many of us are aware that doing this means that the workers are at a greater risk compared to other people’s kind of work. Most of the time, their work entails going up on high places and standing on suspended platforms among other extreme work conditions.

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Here are some points about the risks involved and other factors that put these professionals at risk to make sure that every job is done properly:

The Wind Affects Their Work Significantly

There’s no denying that their work alone is risky, but the wind makes their work even more dangerous. Wind and scaffolding just don’t jive together. If they have jobs during a windy day, their work performance and efficiency might be affected considering that keeping a suspended platform steady in the air is difficult. Additionally, no matter how many people are in the area, there’s no amount of manpower that can go against the wind.

High-Rise Window Cleaners Love Doing Outdoor Work

These professionals enjoy outdoor work more than being indoors. When they’re suspended in the air, although risky, most find peace and tranquility when they’re up there.

They Face and Fight Their Fears

When you work as a high-rise window cleaner, fear has become a normal part of the job, considering the dangers that come along with it. This means that these people need to stay awake and alert at all times. Additionally, they should also have quick reflexes so that they know what to do during unexpected situations.

Risky, But There Are Few Death Counts

Despite the risks in this job, deaths are rare when it comes to high-rise window cleaning. This is because of the additional safety gear used on the job, and the professional’s ability to stay mentally and physically alert while on the job. A typical day at work starts with the inspection of their equipment, making sure that everything works properly.

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The Job Requires High Skilled Workers

Being a window cleaner isn’t easy – this means that high-skilled workers are required to fill these positions. It’s more than just cleaning windows. Imagine rock climbing, while making sure that windows are clean as well. You can find various training and certification courses for window cleaning.

Working as a window cleaner might be hard and challenging, but at the end of the day, most people who are doing this job love what they do. Our window cleaners at Excel Projects are committed to providing you high-quality services, whether it be a simple window cleaning at a residential area, post-construction, roofing and flashing, condominium repairs and upgrades, glass rail balcony replacement and repair, industrial cleaning, or consulting services – we’re more than happy to assist you. Contact us for more information and to receive your quote today.

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