A Guide for Improved Commercial Window Cleaning

Keep Your Business’s Windows Clean

It is no secret that if a business has dirty windows, then this will repel customers. It is important to create a positive first impression and that means that your business’s windows should always be clean and well taken care of. Here are a few tips on how you can best take care of and clean your commercial windows.

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Select The Correct Equipment

In order to do a good job, you’ll need the correct tools. So, in order to clean commercial windows, you’ll need equipment such as a scraper, microfiber cloth, utility buckets, squeegees, cleaner etc.

One of the most popular cleaning solutions is ammonia and you should dilute it and use it to clean your windows. Keep in mind that if your windows are tinted, then the ammonia may remove the tint. Therefore, once you have tinted windows, you will need to use another type of cleaning solution that is more suitable.

Touch Ups

It is important to do touch ups on your windows once you have finished cleaning them. This is important to get rid of issues such as streaks, extra dirt etc. The best tool for this job is a dry microfiber cloth that you can use to thoroughly wipe each window.

Don’t Clean During Times of Strong Sunlight

Avoid cleaning your windows when there is a lot of strong, direct sun on your windows. This will cause streaking. So, simply wait for an overcast or cloudy day or even in the evening to clean them.

Razor Blades

If you have dirt on your windows that is very difficult to get rid of, you can use a razor blade to deal with this problem. However, you need to do this correctly, so you don’t damage your windows.

Don’t use razor blades on tinted glass and it should only be used when the windows are wet. Also, only move the blade in one direction and make sure that you always use a fresh razor blade and change them on a regular basis.

Cleaning commercial windows involves a lot of hard work and if you’re not sure about doing it on your own, you should consider hiring a professional.

This will not only save you time and energy, but you can rest assured knowing that it will be professionally done.

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If you’re in the GTA, contact Excel Projects and they can help you to get your commercial windows cleaned in no time.

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