5 Tips For Effectively Organizing Your Janitorial Closet

Get Organized!

Now’s a good time to look inside of your janitorial closet and assess the condition it’s in! Though rarely looked inside, janitorial closets are key to ensuring that janitorial staff are able to carry out their tasks effectively and efficiently. An organized closet doesn’t just reflect better on your business and the health of your employees, but it offers a much better storage facility with proper labelling and shelving involved. Below, we will discuss 5 ways you can help organize your janitorial closet!

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1. Checking The Location

A janitorial closet needs to have the ideal location that’s a reasonable distance from the storage area to the facilities needing cleaning. It is best to add the location of the janitorial closet midway as it allows for shorter travelling distances and enhances the safety of staff as they don’t need to transport heavy supplies from one area to the next.

The key is to find the balance between an easily accessible location for janitorial staff, but it’s away from common foot traffic where it may prove a hindrance.

2. Sealing The Interior

Though sealing the floors and painting the walls is ideal for aesthetic purposes, they can also enhance the safety of the storage room. Applying a fresh coat of bright paint can increase visibility in a darkened space while also sealing in mold and other airborne contaminants. A raised rubber overlay is a great way to seal the flooring and prevent slip and fall accidents while ensuring the floor is safe from general and chemical spills.

3. Enhance Wall Space Efficiency

As janitorial closets are often hard pressed for space, maximize the efficiency of the closet by keeping supplies off of the floor. For example, wall hooks, rollaway bins, ceiling hooks, and shelving systems can all increase visibility while maintaining easy-to-access organization. Ensuring that equipment and supplies aren’t on the floor enhances safety and prevents trip and fall accidents from occurring.

When storing chemicals, it’s crucial to pay attention to weight capacity and to keep materials at least 18 inches away from sprinkler systems and alarms. Rack type shelving is most recommended as it helps ventilate the stored supplies while having wall mounts can keep buffers and wet mop heads dry to prevent mold or mildew growth.

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4. Label Everything!

When storing chemical compounds, your business must store them according to OSHA safety standards with a safety data sheet or MSDS available. Regardless of how you procure the cleaning supplies, make sure to have the MSDS sheet available for each chemical compound. Janitorial staff should also have adequate access to personal protective equipment or PPE to ensure they can safely handle all chemicals.

5. Ensure Proper Ventilation

Storing chemicals in an airtight storage facility is dangerous, which is why the janitorial closet should remain well ventilated. Air vents should receive regular cleanings while chemical compounds should remain in areas where they do not restrict proper airflow.

All janitorial closets should get inspected at least on a monthly basis. During this time, ensure that the HVAC system is properly operating and no chemicals are in a location that may prove hazardous.

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