5 Things in Your Office That Need Fall Deep Cleaning

Fall Deep Cleaning in The Office

Most people associate deep cleaning with springtime but cleaning your office before the sub-zero temperatures hit in winter is also a good practice. In fact, thorough and regular cleanings shouldn’t get done just once a year, but rather, on an ongoing basis to ensure the health and safety of your office and employees is given top priority. According to the experts, here are five things in your office you should never overlook when it comes to deep cleaning!

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Air Filters

Air filters, especially in your HVAC system, require regular changing. As dirt, dust, and debris build up, old filters often hinder the efficiency of your HVAC system in the office. Additionally, unclean filters can lead to respiratory problems in the enclosed spaces and increase indoor airborne allergens. To achieve the desired results, always provide the appropriate tools and information necessary to your professional cleaning company in regards to your HVAC.


Chances are that the inside of your office building’s windows are fairly clean. The real trouble lies in that many neglect the importance of outdoor commercial window cleanings. Not only does a building have better curb appeal when properly cleaned but removing grime can lengthen the lifespan of the installed windows. Excel Projects can help you ensure that your windows are sparkling clean while providing specialized deep cleaning for wintertime!

Fabric Surfaces

Dust mites are harmful allergens when breathed in, but as they are microscopic, very few are aware of the damage they can cause. Office buildings are especially at risk with many fabric surfaces that rarely see the light of day for cleaning. From upholstered chairs and couches to area rugs and throw pillows, it is important to deep clean these textile surfaces to remove dust buildup. Speak to your commercial cleaning company about focusing on these often-missed objects as they can harbor significant amounts of allergens.

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Alarm Systems

Though not directly related to cleaning, it’s important to regularly check the alarm systems in your building. Get in touch with your building’s management team and ask how often carbon monoxide and smoke alarms as well as security alarms are tested. If your management team doesn’t provide sufficient testing periodically, make sure to raise these concerns as your employees deserve to work in optimum safety.

Shared Appliances

The break room often houses commonly used appliances such as a mini fridge, coffee machine, microwave, and dishwasher. These appliances are rarely cleaned, and when they are, it’s usually spot cleaning to make them look nice. Since such appliances are used by employees on a daily basis, there are many ways that grime and food remnants can remain in inconspicuous spots. Additionally, it is unsanitary to leave food behind and germs to build on appliances. Regularly deep cleaning the break room will mean a much nicer and healthier environment for employees with fewer sick days.

As we head into the winter season again, it’s crucial to pay attention to the cleanliness of your indoor office space. Doing so can diminish the effects of allergens and airborne viruses that may make it hard for employees to come to work.

At Excel Projects, we can take the guesswork out of your office cleaning needs! With professional, experienced, and trained technicians on the job, we can improve workplace safety in your office or warehouse. Contact us for all of your commercial window cleaning and commercial cleaning needs today!

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