4 Common Cleaning Misconceptions

Are You Relying on these Cleaning Misconceptions?

You will inevitably need to get down on all fours and clean up at some point. Unfortunately, there are still numerous misconceptions and old wives’ tales that can easily misguide you from your tasks. Fortunately, using a professional cleaning service can help you avoid all of the hassles as you leave the chores for professionals to do.

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Bleach Cleans Anything

Bleach has always been viewed as the number one cleaner for as long as any of us can remember. Still, it isn’t recommended for all of your surfaces. While bleach has the power to get rid about any type of germ on your surfaces, it does not get to the grime on them.

If you must use bleach to clean, you should also be aware of its color removing capabilities. Using bleach on your fabrics must always be done with a lot of care. It is a must that you be better informed about certain products especially if you need them to work in a hurry.

 All Disinfectants Are the Same

In the world of cleaning agents, there are virtually limitless options. Some of the most common ones are peroxide, chlorine, and alcohol. While all of these are great, they still have a special occasion when they can be used. Chlorine is an excellent option for killing bacteria. Still, it is very corrosive and can discolour and irritate if not used appropriately.

Alcohols are generally safer for cleaning, but have the undesirable effect of evaporating faster than other cleaning agents. Hence, they usually don’t stay on surfaces long enough to work. So, before rushing out to buy cleaning agents, you should do some research first.

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All Cleaning Must Be Sprayed and Then Wiped Away

Have you ever given serious thought to the length of time some of the cleaning agents need to linger on your surfaces such as glass or countertops? If you remove them hurriedly, they might never get the chance to work and do their jobs. Some cleaning agents work better if left to settle and soak. So, before cleaning and wiping everything down, you should read the instructions and do some extra research, or you can simply leave it to the experts.

Professional Cleaners Are Overrated

Nothing quite compares to walking into a clean home or office. Without due care from these surfaces, your office space will become quite filthy within a very short time since your office staff might not necessarily do such a great job at keeping everything neat. This is one of the most unreliable things you can ever do for your business and within no time at all, you will all be swimming in filth.

If you want to be sure that all your surfaces are properly sanitized, you should seriously consider bringing in the professionals. They will provide the best benefits because they come equipped with all the tools required to do the job right.

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